Our History


Almost 90% of the brands we've come across will use this section to sugar-coat their product. Our story, our vision is much more simple and straight forward. We are a design-driven brand featuring a wide variety of fashionable and functional headwear at affordable prices. Bruno Capelo is designed with the latest trends in mind and never leaves function uncompromised.

Today, a hat is more than just a accessory. It's a fashion statement; and the reality is not everyone has the luxury of going out and spending a fortune on expensive accessories. So why not create a fashion brand that allows consumers to obtain multiple pieces for same price as the "big name brands"? The Bruno Capelo story is just about that.

Initially the company was based out of a small 1,000 square foot warehouse, however the founders' dreams of bringing together design, material, and craftsmanship has led to our new 20,000 square-foot facility with worldwide distribution at major department stores and more than 3,000 specialty boutiques.

Our core collections are updated season after season using the highest quality fibers and the most luxurious fabrics.  We are obsessed with what we do and the company's original focus has not changed: to provide our customers with fashion-forward headwear at affordable prices.